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Campus_faculty_thumb.jpgAvailable Services from Florida State University

As a student of CIES on Florida State University's (FSU) campus, many services are close by and available to you for little to no cost. Use the following links to learn more about each of the University's amenities.




    Please visit the following website for the latest information on all food and dining options that Florida State University provides:



    Getting around is important to everyone. Be sure to make yourself familiar with the following methods of transportation and requirements for parking your vehicle on campus.

    If you own your own vehicle and plan on driving it to campus, you will be required to obtain an FSU parking permit. Please notify CIES as soon as possible if you plan to do this (850-644-4797 or

    Alternatively, you may want to make use of Tallahassee's public transportation system, Star Metro bus service. More information about Star Metro can be found on the City of Tallahassee's web site (

    To have taxi numbers ready for use once you arrive at the Tallahassee Airport, please consult this City of Tallahassee Taxi Directory.

    Other useful links for Transportion and Parking:



    Please visit the follow website for all of your on-campus banking needs: 

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    Esra, Saudi Arabia

    "As an international student, I had to work hard to become proficient in all areas of English. I believe CIES played a significant role in being able to do so, and to achieve a score that is beyond the required TOEFL score for my admission. Moreover, CIES equipped me with the required skills I have needed and been using while pursuing my degree at FSU."

    Kasia, Poland

    "I'm really happy and grateful that I could be part of this amazing school. In addition to language skills, CIES also put an emphasis on adapting students to American culture. It is very helpful in our future daily life at university or our work place. Attending CIES was the best choice which I could make."