CIES is active in promoting Florida State University and recruiting new students internationally. Representatives from CIES frequently participate in international education fairs hosted by EducationUSA and the U.S. Trade Commission worldwide.

Below are some of our international recruiting materials.


FSU international recruiting booklet


CIES promotional flyers in English and Chinese


CIES promotional flyers in Portuguese and Spanish

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Andrea, Colombia

"As a singer-songwriter, CIES was the perfect place for me to improve my English skills, while I was able to know more cultures making new lifelong friends. I feel now more confident, open and integrated. CIES is like 'family.' Once you know them, they will always be a part of you no matter the time or the distance. An unforgettable team. Keep you all in my heart."

Jack, Kuwait

" a true melting pot with students from all over the world eager to learn and master their English skills; a task that's easily achieved with the instructors here who are the most dedicated group of teachers I've ever come across in my educational career. This is the place to be to learn English and explore the diverse cultures this world has to offer."