English for Academic Purposes

EAP Program Mission: “To provide English language instruction and support to all current international students, teaching assistants, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty at Florida State University.”

Florida State University and the Center for Intensive English Studies (CIES) take pride in providing academic language support for our international students, teaching assistants, faculty, and post-docs through credit-bearing courses and workshops. These courses and workshops focus on enhancement of written and oral communication skills for success at FSU and professionally. The program also provides oral proficiency assessment for potential visiting scholars (J1 visa holders) and potential teaching assistants.

International Teaching Assistant (ITA) Program

The ITA Program is part of the Graduate School and has been under CIES since August 2005.  The ITA program certifies the spoken English proficiency level of prospective TAs by administering the SPEAK test (an oral proficiency assessment) and reporting scores to departments. The program also offers several credit-bearing courses for TAs whose SPEAK score indicates the need for further language practice, as well as for graduate students who wish for additional English language development.  Please click here for the University-Wide Standards for Teaching Assistants at Florida State University- https://registrar.fsu.edu/bulletin/graduate/information/teaching_assistants/

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Nivia, Colombia

PhD in Communications (2021)

"The EAP 5845: Academic Writing for International Graduate Students Course was an experience that will be hard to express in just words. Having Dr. Mendoza as an instructor was the best part of the course. She is a role model to an instructor who cares about her students. My classmates and Dr. Mendoza became a crucial part of my life."

Rong, China

Master's in Asian Studies (2022)

"...my program coordinator, Ms. Smith, recommended EAP 5845 to international students after we expressed our concerns over academic writing in English. And it turns out that this course is worth more than we expected: Dr. Grill is very nice and professional. She considered the needs of each individual in their different majors or fields and was always willing to provide one-on-one support."