Course Descriptions

120-hour CIES-TEFL Certificate

The 120-hour CIES-TEFL Certificate is a rigorous 7-week intensive course designed to provide an overview of the field of TEFL, teaching methodologies, student assessment and practical applications to teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students learn the major theories of  Second Language Acquisition and have many opportunities to discuss, analyze and design materials for various English language skills and levels in a dynamic group setting. CIES-TEFL students get hands-on experience through structured tutoring and cultural-exchange opportunities with international English language learners and observations of CIES classes taught by our expert teachers. The course also introduces methods of teaching culture, developing intercultural competence, and adapting to a host culture in the TEFL setting. In short, this is your essential course for preparing to teach English successfully abroad.

Breakdown of Certificate Hours

Class meetings: 42 hours

Tutoring: 50 hours (20 for planning + 20 tutoring sessions + 10 for blogging)

CIES class observations: 7 hours (5 observations + 2 for blogging)

CIES class filming: 4 hours (2 hours planning + 1 hour class + 1 hour for self-feedback)

Lesson Plans: 12 hours (design and feedback on 6 lesson plans)

Reading assignments: 5 hours

Total = 120 hours



The CIES TEFL Internship and Teaching Practicum program allows you to gain invaluable experience in fully applying the theories and teaching methods that you learned during the TEFL 120-hour Certificate course.

A significant component of this internship program is the teaching assistantship. You will be paired with an experienced CIES teacher as a teaching assistant throughout the 7-week-session. The internship program is designed for you to work very closely with your assigned CIES instructor and the students in our Intensive English Program. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain more classroom teaching experience as well as additional one-on-one mentoring from our teachers at CIES. You will also meet with the TEFL Program Instructor and other interns on a weekly basis for follow-up discussions and questions throughout the session.

Space is limited to only five (5) participants per session and requires successful completion of the 120-hour CIES-TEFL Certificate and permission of the TEFL Program Instructor.