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EAP Faculty

Maria Beatriz Mendoza

Maria Beatriz Mendoza, PhD
English for Academic Purposes 

Maria Beatriz completed her Doctorate in Multicultural/Multilingual Education at FSU in 2004 and has been the International Teaching Assistant Coordinator for Florida State University and CIES since 2005. A recipient of the FSU Fordyce Award for Outstanding Teaching, Maria Beatriz taught English as a Foreign Language in Venezuela for 3 years and then at CIES for 6 more years. Maria Beatriz is an expert in ESL writing and developed the CIES Composition book series. She is a native of Venezuela and speaks Spanish.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world” –Nelson Mandela

"One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world."  --Malala Yousafzai

Jenny Grill

Jenny Grill, PhD 
English for Academic Purposes

Jenny earned her doctorate in Adult Education at Florida State University in 2003; she holds master’s degrees in Adult Education and in Multilingual/Multicultural Education from FSU as well.
She started her career in EFL in 1991 in Switzerland where she taught English and learned German. She has been able to combine her interests in adult education and language learning through teaching university courses on adult learning, teacher education in English language learning (ELL), applied linguistics, and writing.

“...every journey, honestly undertaken, stands a chance of taking us toward the place where our deep gladness meets the world's deep need.” --Parker J. Palmer

EAP Faculty Publications and Presentations


Articles and Book Chapters

Platt, E. J., Mendoza, M. B., & Lucas, T. (2014). Analyzing Theories of Second Language Learning. (2nd. Ed). In Jane Govoni (Ed.), Preparing the Way: Teaching ELLs in the K-12 Classroom. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

Mendoza, M. B., & Grill, J. (2013, May). Turning ITAs into Discourse Experts. TESOL ITA-IS, N/A.

Grill, J. (2010). Whose English counts? Native speakers as English language learners. TESOL Journal 1(3), 358-367.

Platt, E., Mendoza, M., Tai, S., & Lucas, T. (2008). Perspectives on Learning/Teaching ESL: A Sociocultural View. In Govoni, J. (Ed.), Perspectives on Teaching K-12 English Language Learners. Boston, MA. Pearson Custom Publishing.

Platt, E., Harper, C., & Mendoza, M. (2003). Dueling Philosophies: Inclusion or Separation for Florida's English Language Learners? TESOL Quarterly, 37, 105-134.


Conference Presentations

Mendoza, M., Tapper, G. & Grill, J. (2016). Beyond Borders: An Analysis of Teaching Assistant Rapport Building. Presentation at TESOL International Conference, TESOL, Baltimore, MD. (International)

Mendoza, M. B. & Grill, J., (2016). Using Self-Evaluation Exercises in ITA training courses. Poster presentation at TESOL International Convention, TESOL, Baltimore, MD. (International)

Mendoza, M., Grill, J., & Tapper, G. (2015). Exploring the perceptions and needs of ITAs from China. Presentation to be given at TESOL International Conference, TESOL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (International)

Tapper, G., Mendoza, M., & Grill, J. (2015). Building Bridges Between International Teaching Assistants and Their Undergraduate Students. Presentation at TESOL International Conference, TESOL International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (International)

Grill, J., & Mendoza, M. B. (2014). Fluency Activities for ITAs: Using Academic and Everyday Language. Poster presentation at TESOL International Convention, TESOL, Portland, OR. (International)

Mendoza, M. B., & Grill, J. (2013). Turning ITAs into Discourse Experts. Presentation at TESOL International Convention, TESOL, Dallas, TX. (International)

Mendoza, M. B., & Moulton, K. (2011). Getting Students to Focus on Grammar in Speaking. Presentation at TESOL International Convention, TESOL, Boston, MA. (International)

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Esra, Turkey

PhD student in Foreign and Second Language Education

"I highly recommend the EAP workshops. The “Avoiding Plagiarism” workshop gave me a chance to brush up my writing skills and practice through exercises. The SPEAK Test information session helped me to understand what the test looked like and the scoring procedures. It was very beneficial to go over the practice test questions and focus on what to do and what to avoid during the actual test."

Huaqing, China

PhD student in History

“Speaking English is one thing, teaching in English is another. Based on individual guidance and practices, the ITA class of CIES not only prepared me to be a skillful speaker, but also inspired me to be a better teacher. Learning a language is a life-long experiment, and CIES would be one of your best partners in your ‘lonely’ journey.”