Employment Resources

The following are some resources to help you navigate the diversity of job opportunities teaching English abroad. The CIES-TEFL program at Florida State University does not specifically endorse any of these programs or organizations.




"I think I've gotten over the initial culture shock and I've gotten to know my fellow teachers and students a lot better, which has helped me to not feel like such a stranger. I'm very thankful that the one thing that I haven't had any anxiety over is the actual teaching. CIES prepared me very well. That's all part of what I want to share with anyone who is thinking about this program. Also, as luck would have it, there is another guy in my town with this program who went to FSU and took the TEFL class the summer before I did. Small world!"

- Harrison Nichols, Alencon, France



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“Not only did CIES equip me with the skills and confidence to teach English, but its extensive alumni network helped me on the job search. I have fond memories learning to lesson plan and getting to know the international students at CIES through tutoring and summertime barbecues. I highly recommend CIES to people who want to teach (and learn!) English.”


“I'm so grateful for CIES! Having my TEFL certificate helped me find work abroad and eventually secure a fellowship with VIA Programs in Thailand. I currently work for an NGO teaching migrants and refugees from Myanmar. CIES gave me the skills and practical experience needed to feel confident as an English teacher.”