Dates and Fees


120-Hour Certificate

Session Dates

Registration Fees
Spring I, 2019: January  8 - February 21 $1,400

Spring II, 2019: February 26 - April  18
(FSU Spring Break observed)

Summer I, 2019: April 23  - June 6 $1,400
Summer II, 2019: June 11 – July 25 $1,400
Fall I, 2019: August 27 – October 10 $1,400

Fall II, 2019: October  22 – December 12
(FSU Thanksgiving Break observed)

Spring I, 2020: January 7 - February 20 $1,500

Spring II, 2020 : February 25 - April 16

(FSU Spring Break Observed)

Summer I, 2020 : April 28 - June 11 $1,500
Summer II, 2020 : June 16 - July 30 $1,500
Fall I, 2020 : August 25 - October 8 $1,500

Fall II, 2020 : October 13 - December 3

(FSU Thanksgiving Break Observed)


Registration Fees above include tuition, textbooks, and materials. Textbooks will be distributed during the first class meeting.

Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 6:30 pm at the Hecht House (634 West Call Street).



The program fee is $500. Registration is contingent upon successful completion of the 120-hour CIES-TEFL Certificate and thus must take place during a subsequent 7-week session. Session dates are the same as shown above for the 120-hour Certificate.

CIES-TEFL interns are required to assist their mentor teachers in class at least two days per week. A required weekly meeting with the TEFL Program Instructor for all interns also takes place at the Hecht House (634 West Call Street).


Please review the payment information and refund policy for the TEFL Certificate HERE

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“CIES provided the training, experience, network I needed to prepare myself for my next jobs. The professionalism and expertise exhibited by the staff  have given me the capacity to plunge successfully into international education. I would recommend anyone who wants a realistic and informed perspective to take advantage of this program.”


“This program was by far the most fulfilling thing I did at FSU. The CIES feels like home to me and the TEFL class has provided me with such great teaching practice and experiences. Meeting and working with the international students here immediately filled what I felt was missing from my college experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested!”