TEFL Certificate-Hybrid (In Person and Remote) - Synchronous

TEFL Certificate Program Mission: To provide instruction on the basic teaching skills, methods, and intercultural competence necessary for teaching English successfully abroad, thus contributing to the internationalization of the FSU community and enhancing the reputation of Florida State University on a global level.

Located at Florida State University, and within one of the top intensive English programs in the country, the CIES-TEFL program is situated perfectly for practical and hands-on knowledge of English language learning, teaching, and cross-cultural awareness.

CIES-TEFL certificate students work with international English language learners at CIES, and the community, to get real experience through structured tutoring and exchange opportunities.

The program is structured to provide an overview of the field of TEFL, teaching methodologies, how to assess students, and practical applications to teaching grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Teaching of culture in the EFL contexts and advice of how to adapt to a host culture will also be covered.

CIES-TEFL certificate students will graduate with a portfolio of teaching materials, resources, and lesson plans to take with them wherever they go in the world. CIES-TEFL instructors, administrators, alumni, and peers all work together to assist in job placement counseling to help graduates find employment in the countries where they would like to teach.

CIES is known as the place "Where the world comes to learn English". This naturally makes CIES a great place "Where the world comes to teach English" as well!

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