Professional Development for TEFL Teachers

Each class is 7 weeks long and is designed for pre-service and in-service teachers who would like to go more in-depth in second-language acquisition theory, teaching techniques, and classroom approaches to teaching a specific skill. Each class can be taken separately, or if you complete all four of the courses, you will receive the "Teaching English as a Foreign Language- Advanced Certification" from the Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University.

Each class is composed of both synchronous and asynchronous activities and instruction. The instructor meets with the participants face-to-face, twice a week, for an hour each time. Other activities, such as discussion boards, video responses, etc. make up an additional three (3) hours per week. The synchronous classes are available at 7 am (Eastern Standard Time) or 7 pm (EST) Monday and Wednesday.

  • How to Teach Reading
    Learn the basic theory of developing reading in a second language and the practical applications of teaching your ELL students how to read fluently and accurately in English. Learn how to motivate your students and get them excited about reading in English.
  • How to Teach Writing
    Learn and explore the concepts of the writing process in English. Develop effective techniques in helping your students organize and fully develop their writing. Learn how to give feedback that will inspire and motivate your students.
  • How to Teach Speaking
    Is it difficult to get your students to speak in English? Not sure how or when to correct your students, or even if you should correct them, when they do speak at all? This class will give you the strategies and techniques to motivate your students to speak and to help them develop their speaking fluency and accuracy.
  • How to Teach Listening
    Not sure how to teach listening? Should you focus on discreet point comprehension or overall understanding? How do you teach notetaking skills? Learn what tools to give your students to be successful outside of the classroom.
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