Executive Business English Certificate

Are you looking to take your English skills even higher? CIES is now offering a series of 7-week, professional business classes aimed at business men and women with at least an intermediate to advanced level of English (B1-B2 on CEFR scale). Classes are small with individualized instruction that fit your needs. Each class can be taken separately, or if you complete all four, you will receive the "Executive Business English Certification" from the Center for Intensive English Studies at Florida State University.

  • Negotiating in Business
    Navigate the world of business in formal meetings, informal “water-cooler” gatherings, and social settings. Learn “small-talk” and how to turn it to your advantage. 
  • Giving Effective Presentations
    Develop the skills to deliver engaging presentations. Learn how to engage with your audience before, during, and after your presentation during the all-important question and answer period. 
  • Professional Business Writing
    Develop executive-level business writing. Whether annual reports, employee evaluations, or simple emails, we can help you feel confident that you are communicating the message that you would like in a professionally-written format.
  • Intercultural Communication in Business
    Learn the underlying and unspoken rules of interacting and communication that change from culture to culture. Avoid disastrous miscommunication by learning important cultural cues and behaviors that can make any meeting or interaction a success.
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