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EAP 5835 - Academic Spoken English for ITAs

EAP 5835 is recommended for international teaching assistants with a speak score of 45 or above. This is the main training course for ITAs who need to develop skills for classroom instruction.

This course is designed to help ITAs develop language and classroom management skills necessary for instruction in a classroom setting. Cross-cultural aspects of the teaching and learning process and accommodating different learning styles are also covered. To apply what they have learned in class, students plan and teach a series of videotaped 'mini-lessons' during the semester. They then receive detailed, personalized feedback on their language and teaching skills from the instructor during individual conferences.

Note: Students who enroll in this course and earn a grade of 90 or better are certified in Spoken English.


EAP 5838 - Pronunciation for ITAs

EAP 5838 is open to international teaching assistants who wish to improve their pronunciation, regardless of their SPEAK score.

This course is designed to help students improve pronunciation and speaking skills so they can become more competent and confident speakers of English. The course also helps students develop an awareness of specific pronunciation features that are the most difficult for them. The course includes a weekly lab session where students do individualized practice and record speech samples for teacher feedback. Students are given a semester-long license to NativeAccent, a web-based pronunciation software.


EAP 5845 - Academic Writing for International Graduate Students

The academic writing class for international graduate students is designed to help students develop the skills they need to become successful writers in their academic careers. The course will cover strategies to organize and develop ideas, navigate word and grammar choices particular to academic written English, avoid plagiarism and properly use citation and reference styles.


NOTE: Not every class is offered each semester. For more information about the above classes or help in selecting an appropriate class, please contact Dr. Maria Beatriz Mendoza at The above classes are listed through the School of Teacher Education.

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