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Resources for ITAs

These are some resources you can use to practice your English skills and to better prepare for your role as a TA at FSU.


US Higher Education: Language, Culture, and Teaching

Instruction at FSU - Chapter 6 - Especially for TAs

Helpful tips and resources for FSU teaching assistants.


Teaching in America: A Guide for International Faculty

International teaching assistants and faculty at Harvard University discuss their experiences of teaching in the U.S.


Instruction at FSU - Chapter 8 - Using Active Learning in the Classroom

A thorough resource guide explaining many kinds of active learning strategies and activities.


Classroom and Pedagogical Techniques

This page offers specific instructional strategies to enhance student engagement and learning in the classroom.


Teaching Workshops at FSU

Come join fellow TAs and instructors discuss strategies and techniques that promote excellence in teaching and learning.


Khan Academy

This site features hundreds of video lessons in math, science, and several other fields. This is usually used as a resource for English speaking students (grade school through university), however international TAs will find lots of useful teaching language for explaining difficult concepts. Transcripts and subtitles are also available.



MERLOT is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community. Look under "Search MELRLOT" for resources.


Pronunciation and Listening

American Rhetoric

A database of full text, audio and video version of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, interviews, etc.


English Page Listening Resources

This page has links to both US and British radio programs-great for listening practice.


Phonetics: The Sound of Speech
An excellent resource from the University of Iowa which demonstrates how to produce all of the sounds of American English. The site now has an app for your phone.


TED Talks

TED Talks are videotaped presentations of varying lengths (3-25 minutes long) on a variety of topics from art to science to technology. You can view most of the talks with subtitles in several languages, and transcripts are usually available in several languages. TED Talks are a great way to practice listening and also learn new vocabulary.


Especially for the STEM Fields

These resources will help you with pronouncing special terms and symbols. Some are written sources and some contain audio.


Grammar and Vocabulary

Activities for ESL students

This site has a list of bilingual quizzes for reviewing vocabulary in English and many other languages.


English in a Minute from Voice of America

Short video lessons on idioms and common phrases in American English.


Eng Vid: Free English Video Lessons

This site features videos of English language teachers presenting short lessons on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, slang, TOEFL preparation, etc.

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Caíque, Brazil

"Attending the Spoken English for Teaching Assistants course made me more confident to speak in public and also helped my English improve. I also learned how to teach different kinds of classes and how to manage different situations in the classroom. Now I am feeling ready to be a teaching assistant!"

Huaqing, China

“Speaking English is one thing, teaching in English is another. Based on individual guidance and practices, the ITA class of CIES not only prepared me to be a skillful speaker, but also inspired me to be a better teacher. Learning a language is a life-long experiment, and CIES would be one of your best partners in your ‘lonely’ journey.”