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CIES Nole News

The CIES Nole News is a periodic student newsletter for the Intensive English Program, containing important announcements, feature articles, birthday and honor roll recognitions, answers to culture and language questions, key vocabulary words, and more!

See the most recent issues of the CIES Nole News below. For questions about the CIES Nole News, please contact editor Andrew Wilson.

Volume 12, Issue 1 (January 2017)

Volume 12, Issue 2 (February 2017)

Volume 12 Issue 3 (March 2017)

Volume 12, Issue 4 (April 2017)

Volume 12, Issue 5 (May 2017)

Volume 12, Issue 6 (June 2017)

Volume 12, Issue 7 (September 2017)

CIES Nole News Archive

Volume 11 - FALL II 2016

Volume 10 - FALL I 2016

Volume 9 - SUMMER II 2016

Volume 8 - SUMMER I 2016

Volume 7 - SPRING II 2016

Volume 6 - SPRING I 2016

Volume 5 - FALL II 2015

Volume 4 - FALL I 2015

Volume 3 - SUMMER II 2015

Volume 2 - SUMMER I 2015

Volume 1 - SPRING II 2015

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Eranildo, Brazil

"It felt like my home when I was studying at CIES. All of the faculty help me to improve my English skills. Being a part of this family was an amazing experience in my academic life. With no doubt, CIES made a huge impact in my exchange year at FSU and my admission to a Master degree in Environmental Engineering at UCF."

Mami, Japan

"My American life has started from here at CIES. It was a great place to focus on learning English, and also, I learned different cultures from the other students from all over the world. I still keep in touch with the CIES staff and students I met more than 10 years ago, that clearly tells me it's something special."