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International Scholar Writing Sessions

Feeling the Pressure to Write…in English?

Making regularly scheduled time throughout the semester is the way to be productive in starting and completing writing assignments, proposals, articles, theses, and dissertations. We are all under pressure to write, so why not write for a couple hours in a supportive space?


What Each Session Offers 

Community. Time. Space. And a little help. Each session begins with a few minutes to get comfortable and ready to write. The session’s proctor will then provide a 20-minute writing/research tip. These topics are especially helpful for international and multilingual graduate students and will cover useful resources and ways to strengthen your writing in English. After the short presentation, we settle down to work on our own writing for the remaining time. You are free to stay for as long as you like and leave whenever you need. The proctor will let you know when the session is about to end so that you can wrap up your writing. As this semester is a pilot, you will also receive a short survey so that we can determine how to make these writing groups better for you.


What to Bring

Come with a writing project or assignment and a reasonable goal that can be accomplished in 90 minutes. Bring whatever writing implements and materials you need (i.e., laptop, paper, notebooks, etc.). Feel free to bring something to drink, too.


FALL 2018 Schedule

Sessions will be held at the Center for Intensive English Studies (CIES) Conference Room or at Dirac Library Conference Room 216 on Fridays from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.




September 14


Useful Online Writing Resources

October 5


Research Life Cycle

October 26


Hedging and Boosting Language

November 16


Citation Management Tools


Contact Information:

Dr. Jenny Grill: jgrill@fsu.edu.

Dr. Maria B. Mendoza: mmendoza@admin.fsu.edu 

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Didem, Turkey

Master's student in International Affairs

“Taking EAP5845 (Academic Writing) my first semester as an international graduate student was very helpful. I not only learned how to use English skills in a better way, but also gained knowledge about plagiarism and academic expectations, which helped me do well in my other classes. I highly recommend taking EAP classes as early as possible.”

Lidong, China

PhD student in Chemistry

“The FSU EAP Program provides comprehensive skill sets training for efficient communication in the US academic environment. These enhanced communication skills greatly benefit my teaching and research through active interaction with students and other researchers.”